Construction Management Company Guidelines


The City, Sydney recognises that careful management of excavation,
demolition and construction management are paramount to ensuring that adequate levels
of amenity are preserved for residents and other stakeholders. The
the objective of a Construction Management Plan (CMP) is to plan ahead for the
the building phase of development in order to minimise the impacts on:
• Neighbours;
• Nearby residents;
• Users of public footpaths, roads, bike paths, and reserves;
• Traffic flow within the surrounding street network;
• Public parking within the vicinity of the site; and
• Trees on and surrounding a development site.
To achieve this, Council requires developers to prepare a CMP under certain
circumstances that address the following matters where relevant:
• Noise associated with machinery;
• Noise associated with voices/workers/radios;
• Airborne dust;
• Sediment laden runoff along roads, drains, footpaths;
• The effectiveness of wash bays in regards to trucks pulling mud
sediment out onto roads, tram tracks, etc;
• Damage to assets such as roads, laneways, footpaths, road reserves;
• Building waste on public land (road reserves, footpaths, laneways);
• Onsite building waste, rubbish, and debris, unsightly sites, toilets;
• Vermin associated with on-site building waste;
• Impact of lane closures on access for other road users;
• Impact of builders vehicles on parking on existing road networks
including illegally parking;
• The impact of heavy vehicle movements to and from development
• The operation of cranes; and
• Construction hours.
CMP’s must submit to Council for approval and the measures carried out
to Council’s satisfaction.


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