In the landscape of construction design and inspiration, the choice of construction project Management Company plays a crucial role. Datlas Rahme Group being the pioneer of construction project management, fасilitаtе рlаnning, сооrdinаtiоn аnd соntrоl phases of the рrоjесt frоm inсерtiоn tо соmрlеtiоn in both residential and commercial projects. We have a skilled team of workers for every phase of project management ranging from planning a project to close out. The solid implementation of our construction management strategies is what makes our team a uniquely great asset for a project. Being commercial builders, we focus on higher quality while keeping in check the costs, time, and risk involved. Our main goal is to accomplish more at a reduced cost without having to compromise on quality while optimizing every stage of the project. We aim at utilizing our construction management aptitude of worth 40 years. We offer comprehensive construction management services including firsthand information on the difficulties that will be experienced and the arrangements vital for different task scopes, sizes, and types.  We believe in strong and early tasks definition as the pre-planning is the backbone for the success of the construction management process. At Rahme, we make sure that your vision becomes a reality by checking the feasibility insights to correspond with the budget and time limitations you might have in your mind. We not only consider the possible parameters but also fold them into the construction phase plan. We utilize the state of the art project management tools and software at every stage of the project.

At Datlas Rahme, we follow the standard operating procedures through every stage of the construction project. As risk management is the crucial part of the construction project management, therefore, we ensure to run through the risk analysis before the initiation of the project. We consider each and every factor including avoiding risk, mitigating risk, planning for risk, accepting risk, and ensuring for risk. A proper risk management plan consisting of various sub-plans is formulated beforehand in the early planning stages of the project and also factored into a balanced budget in order to easily tackle the issue if it arises. We believe in maximizing the efficiencies by streamlining budgets, reducing risks, and facilitating communication and cooperation between all parties. Our top priority is to protect your interests by providing top-level management that optimizes your project’s potential.

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